Name Title
 Prof. Abdel Nasser B. Singab  Vice President & Executive Conference Head​
 Prof. Abdel Fattah Saoud  Vice Dean of Faculty of Medicine for Graduate Studies and Research
 Prof. Tarek Mansour  Vice Dean of Faculty of Arts for Community Service and Environmental Development​
 Prof. Salwa Rashad​  Vice Dean of Faculty of Al-Alsun for Graduate Studies and Research
 Prof. Hisham Al Ghazaly  Professor - Faculty of Medicine
 Prof. Ashraf Badawi  CEO Iris Events Management- Professor of Medicine
 Prof. Heba Shahin​  Director of Media Center
 Prof. Gamal A. Ibrahim​  Executive President of Information Technology

 Dr. Rasha Esmail​

 Associate Prof. of faculty of Computer and Information Science - Director Of Portal Project

 Prof.  Esraa Abdel-Sayed  Director of International Cooperation Office
 Prof.  Sherif Al kotb  Director of Project Development and innovation Center
 Prof. Sherwit H. El Ahmady  Associate Professor - Faculty of Pharmacy
 Dr. Ahmed Al-Banna  Assistant Lecturer - Faculty of Dentistry
 Mr. Karam Hegazy  Assistant Secretary for Graduate Studies and Research
 Mrs. Ghada Abou El Kheir  Office of University President
 Mrs. Amira Salem  Office of University President
 Mrs. Donia Ali Ashry  Office of Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research
 Mrs. Rabab Nassar  Media Coordinator and Editor-in-Chief of the Media Center